Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Travel Time

I spent the past week escorting 43 teenagers on a trip to Italy and Greece. I was able to re-experience some previously visited sites and see them through fresh young eyes. The kids were amazed and so eager to soak up new cultures. It was worth every minute of the 28 hour journey home and not even lost luggage could put a damper on the trip.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Case of the Missing Files

I went to one of my favourite sites today and it was missing in action. Reading Rants has lots of edgey teen fiction and I go there often to look for ideas. What can you do when your favourite site is missing? I have a couple of suggestions. One way is to Google the name of the page and then click on "cached". Or, if you know the missing site's URL try using the Wayback Machine found on the Internet Archive site. These will give you versions of the page as it looked in the past. And if anyone out there knows what has happened to Reading Rants please let me know!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just Hanging Out

Now hanging out with a good book is even more comfortable. Come in and try out the new bean bag chairs!

Which comes first, the book or the web site?

If you checked out Library Ninja in the Mystery Spoot list you'll see an illustration of one of my pet peeves. My library aid and I often have similar races to find the answer to a question and guess what? The one who searches print resources often wins over the one who does the Internet search. Why do kids go to the web first or rely solely on the Internet to provide information?
Come into the library and check out some of our fabulous hardcover reference resources. You'll save yourself time!

R is for Resources

Check out the links to the right for some really great resources. Look for more to come in the future that will lead you to great books, online reference sites and spots of interest. When I was growing up we used to drive past a sign that said "Mystery Spot". There was a round 'spot' drawn on the sign which made it read "Mystery Spoot" and sent us into gales of laughter. I will be posting a few
"Mystery Spoots" of my own.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Into the deep end

What's new this week? Well, this blog for one. This will be a place for me to recommend what's new and interesting in the library or talk about something great I've just read. My most recent read was Dead Connection by Charles Price. If you like a mystery with lots of tension that keeps you guessing until the end.