Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Case of the Missing Files

I went to one of my favourite sites today and it was missing in action. Reading Rants has lots of edgey teen fiction and I go there often to look for ideas. What can you do when your favourite site is missing? I have a couple of suggestions. One way is to Google the name of the page and then click on "cached". Or, if you know the missing site's URL try using the Wayback Machine found on the Internet Archive site. These will give you versions of the page as it looked in the past. And if anyone out there knows what has happened to Reading Rants please let me know!

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Retired t-l said...

I have found the 'Wayback Machine' an invaluable resource for tracing back to missing websites. I've used it to check on what my school site used to look like, to find missing resources for papers for my masters course, and to check on other information I have gathered over the years. I've even resurrected contact info through it. Thanks for reminding me of this site.