Thursday, July 5, 2007

School Library 2.0 Week 3 Thing 6

The toys in Flickr provide lots of fun and some possible educational uses. Earlier I created a Flickr Badge and have been thinking of ways to use this with a class. How about having students find photos to support a theme, choose photos that a character in literature might have in an album or which represent significant aspects of their character (What would Lady Macbeth's Flickr Badge look like?), plan an imaginary trip, choose photos that would provoke discussion around an issue or community event. Or they could choose photos which represent novels they have read over a given time period.
You could use the Create a Personalized CD/DVD Cover tool to make a cover for a compilation CD of the protagonists favourite music/music to enhance the theme of the story. Have students use the magazine cover maker for an event in history or a biography of a particular person or character.
The possibilities are endless. It would be interesting to give a class an assignment to meet specific curriculum related objectives while making the best use of a flickr tool and see what they come up with.


WHAK'd said...

More fun templates for digital photos @ (photo tricks)

Bookminder said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately the site is blocked by our district's filtering system.