Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Best Prize

I consider myself a lucky person. My women’s kayak group holds a weekly prize draw and I have won so many times that I finally requested my name be removed from the hat out of sheer embarrassment. I’ve won % off coupons, free coffees, hats, pens, you know, all the usual prize items. What I’d really like to win is a Tech for a Week. Someone who can answer all those nagging techie questions I never seem to find time for. Someone who can look at my online spaces and suggest ways to maximize and streamline my efforts. Someone who will write a personalized handbook for me so that when I try to replicate something I have done a few months before I can refer to the notes rather than reinventing. Somehow it’s more frustrating to have to learn how do something a second time than it is the first.

I’m not always so lucky. Yesterday I had a brilliant (well in my own mind, anyway) post ready to go. I thought that I had published it but when I went back later it had completely vanished. No post, no draft, nothing. I suppose it’s out there somewhere circling Earth with all those millions of undelivered email.

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Things I found this week:

YALSA has published their 2008 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults themed booklists and also their 2009 nominations in the categories of Dead, Dying & the Undead; Fame & Fortune; Journey>Destination; and Spies & Intrigue.

The NY Times has posted it’s 100 Notable Books of the Year 2007 list and it’s Notable Children’s Books of 2007.

Clover Leaf Photo used under cc license from kaibara87 at with thanks to Compfight for finding it.


Miss M said...

Haha - what a perfect cartoon to express how I'm sure we all feel sometimes:) I think I'll use that with my teachers during an in-service.

MrsE said...

Dave Walker has some great cartoons.
Wonderful that he shares them freely.