Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Save a Tree

In a Twitter post this morning Jeremy Davis tweeted to Will Richardson:

teachtech @willrich45 because every time we present without handouts, the luddites get angry

That’s not a bad thing. Let's create a little cognitive dissonance.

I tell workshop participants that I give “Workshops that keep on giving”. Teachers can return to my wiki and see what I’ve added weeks or months after the workshop. They’ll find lessons I’m using with my students, slideshares that explain new resources, links, videos and more.

They can subscribe to my Delicious account and keep up with the resources I add daily. Or add this blog to their RSS feed.

Is all this more valuable than a handout of the PowerPoint presentation I gave? I hope so.

Miss Baker, encourages her students to get out of the sandbox on her class blog Extreme Biology. Teachers need to hear this as well. They need to feel the discomfort that comes with taking risks. Do you feel more gratified when a lesson you’ve taught a dozen times before goes well or when you’ve tried something entirely new and it is a success?

So learn something new. Stop grumbling. Get out of the sandbox. Save a tree!


Jolene Anzalone said...

I completely agree! I was floored when the organizer of a training asked me if I had a handout packet that needed to be copied for a blogging training...
It got even better when I told her all resources would be on my blog..and she said "are you sure you don't want a handout?"....HELLO...

MrsE said...

It's as if we visit from another planet to present sometimes. LOL!