Monday, August 16, 2010

iPost about iPad Pilots

Image used under a creative commons license from Kominyetska

Here are a few interesting blogs about school iPad projects happening around the world.  I've included one that outlines a proposal as it was well thought out and may serve as a guide for others and another that serves as a question and answer forum.  The list is saved in delicious and I'll be adding to it as I come across other interesting projects.

Fran Speirs Blog

iPad Pilot Project a wiki from Palm Beach School District with lots of resources and information.

iPad Trial @ Epson Primary School

My iPad Journey - This is the one that has the good proposal.  I hope he's successful!

The one-to-one Newbie at the Digital Party

Expanding Teaching, Exploring Technology

iPad 4 Education - question and answer forum

iPad's Promise and How to Use it Now on the I Education Apps Review blog

Brandt Schneider is blogging about using iPads in music class.


SMeech said...

Thank you for this post. I plan on sharing your post on

Lesley Edwards said...

Your welcome. It's wonderful that people are documenting their experiences. Thanks to those brave souls!

Brandt Schneider said...

We are doing one too:

Lesley Edwards said...

Thanks Brandt, I'll add you to the post. Good luck with the project!