Saturday, October 6, 2007

Road Trip

This past week I was in lovely Invermere presenting a workshop on using the web in the classroom. We flew in on a 30-seater puddle-jumper which was thrilling, to say the least. Gotta love those air pockets. During the presentation we took photos of the workshop in progress and then at the break loaded them into animoto. As the day wrapped up we showed the 30-second video to the group and they were amazed. I've been thinking about using animoto to make a point in other areas so when I got back to my school I took snaps at lunch hour when the library is standing-room-only. I forwarded the video on to my staff and administration. What a powerful way to give a quick snapshot of life in the library. The program has wonderful music clips, I chose "Let's Go Crazy", or you can import your own music.

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