Friday, October 12, 2007

Welcoming the Next Generation

We have 5 student teachers beginning practicums with us this week. I took the opportunity to invite them into the library during the lunch break for a brief orientation. They were amazed at how many students were using the library. They were amazed that the kids were allowed to eat while they worked.

I gave them a few starting points for using the library. I explained how kids are more successful when they start with print materials before going to the computers. I told them about some of the many information literacy strategies we teach: how to develop good keywords before you start searching, evaluating resources, developing different note-taking techniques, using information ethically, developing projects that give kids practice in being problem solvers, using online applications like Google Docs and Notebook.

One of them asked about the library budget and they were all astounded to learn that it is less than $9.00 per student.

I am looking forward to working with them. Hopefully when they have classrooms of their own they will use their school libraries and work in partnership with their librarians. And if they don't have well-stocked school libraries with trained librarians they will advocate for them.

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