Friday, November 9, 2007

100th Post

A colleague put a newspaper clipping in my mailbox a few weeks back.
It was an article by a well-known columnist in a national newspaper. The gist of it was the utter futility of blogging. I was taken aback. Here was a presumably well educated, articulate journalist unable to see any upside to either writing or reading a blog. I scanned the article for hints of satire but could find none. What a shame I thought, to miss out on all the benefits of the blogging world.
This is my 100th blog post. To say that blogging has enriched my professional life would a gross understatement. The new ideas that have come my way have spread out into my practice. I now introduce students to an array of online applications which make their learning more creative, collaborative and productive. I have offered advise to colleagues I will never meet and benefited from their wisdom. I have read books and visited sites I may never have come across without the input of other bloggers.
I have a truer sense of how our world is shrinking and the potential for building global communities.
Thanks to all the people who have encouraged me along the way. Thanks to those who made me laugh, filled my day with wonder or struck a chord as they shared their teaching and learning experiences. I am glad I am part of your world.

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Cathy Nelson said...

We only win them over one at time. Ive been reading blogs for three years or so, and blogging myself for a year and half. I am a teacher librarian who is always telling folks what Ive learned from this activity, and Ive only recently gotten a few teachers to try their hand at it. But they are sold. It didn't hapen over night. When folks ask me how do you know so much, I say its my network of bloggers and twitter. It is the truth.