Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gr8tweets for the month of March

For the month of March, a group of educators and lifelong learners will be picking a "Tweet of the day" and ReTweeting it with a tag: #gr8t
Hopefully, you will join us in doing this too.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to participate:
• To share what you value about twitter.
• To [[|see what others value about twitter]].
• To celebrate the power and wisdom of your Personal Learning Network.
• To find interesting people to follow on Twitter.

My choice for what to retweet with #gr8t will be a Tweet that I find interesting, or insightful, or humorous. It might link to something I enjoyed reading, or it might have something profound or even fortune-cookie-like that appeals to me:

There aren't any specific rules for participating. Just find a tweet you value, give it the #gr8t hashtag and share it!
Here's an example of a Tweet I'd like to share:

So I Retweet it with #gr8t

Then it shows up on the Gr8Tweets wiki and on twitter searches for others to see and share.

I'm looking forward to sharing the Gr8tweets that I find, at least one daily for the month of March, and I'm hoping you will join me and share what you find.
Feel free to follow Gr8tweets on Twitter and Gr8tweets will follow you back, (this part is totally optional).

Even if you aren't on twitter or you don't want to participate, be sure to check out the Gr8Tweets wiki and see some of the reasons why so many educators are finding Twitter a valuable tool!


Dave Truss said...

It's great to see the enthusiasm building around this idea!

Thanks for sharing, I already enjoy reading what you tweet, and I'm especially looking forward to reading the Gr8t tweets you share!

As someone who has written about twitter before, I imagine you have seen others try it out and quit before seeing the value. Hopefully a fun activity like this will also help other see the value... tune them into gr8t tweets and let them see why we have become twitter-ers!
(A term like that probably makes a librarian cringe;-)

MrsE said...

Great to get your comment today Dave!
You're right it's exasperating to see people I've introduced to Twitter quit before they've given it a chance. It is such a valuable tool. When teachers ask me a question I can't answer I make a point of telling them that I'll ask my Twitter network. And then telling them the answer came in on Twitter.

If I lost Twitter now it would be like working without a net!