Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lizzer in Action

Just trying out Lizzer to see how it performs. Lizzer has a bookmarklet that works with Blogger, gmail, yahoo and several other platforms. It allows you to insert links, images and video without having to leave your application. It worked well when I tried it on the Lizzer site. Let's see how it performs in Blogger. I've just made my first reference to Lizzer a hot link. So far so good.

from flickr
Next I asked for an image of pebbles (to pursue the idea that Lizzer 'rocks') and Lizzer gave me a selection of 20 photos to choose from. I have changed the image from the one I first chose as Lizzer now searches for images in the creative commons.
The link to the image on flickr came up automatically.

Let's try a video search.
The video worked but I have removed it because of an error code with the video I selected.

10 choices came up when I searched for 'rock' and I was able to embed a video with a link back to youtube. Results display as a list or in a grid. There is the option to preview videos before selecting one.

Search returns are somewhat limited
  • 20 Flickr images
  • 10 YouTube videos
Results are also shown from Google News Search, Google Web Search and Yahoo Web Search .
First impressions are good. The limited number of search returns may be a problem but this little bookmarklet seems to be working hard to return good results.

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