Sunday, April 19, 2009

For Want of a Better Topic

My Best of the Week includes:

Beyond Blocking: Embracing the Social Web Show this slideshare to your staff, your administrator, anyone who will listen.

Great Scavenger Hunt Contest For the TLs who read this blog. A wonderful contest for librarians in Canada and the U.S. Your students can win book prizes and so can you.

From Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog "Ban the Lectern" a tongue-in-cheek look at presenting.

And there you have it. Three sites that will inspire, engage and entertain.
What was your best find this week?
How about leaving it in a comment?



Joanie said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog about the podcast. I got a perfect score from my prof - she was quite stunned that I went back and tackled podcasting after my first horrific experience.

I'd love to chat with you about CTaps. I think they are a very clever form of pro-d. Also no book of poetry yet? Just got back from Mexico so I'll look into where it is and get back to you next week.

Love the comments from Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk article you posted. Another video I recently watched on public speaking also suggested getting rid of the lectern - good advice. What do you think of the Scavenger Hunt project? Would you do this with your students? I tried promoting the Stellar books but my teens don't like how complicated the email participation part is so them to "prove" they've read the book.


Lesley Edwards said...

A comment! Thanks Joanie! Maybe we can skype about CTaps sometime. I agree with your Stellar project comment. Tried it for two years but less than half a dozen kids ever got into it. Might think about ways to give the Scavenger Hunt a try. There are so few things we can actually do that include Canada and I'd like to encourage that! Maybe I'll visit the EN8&9 classes and show it to them. Off to get my walk in before the rains return. Cheers!

Anonymous said...
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Miss M said...

Here is one that I want to explore further: I think it will be a fun and unique alternative to powerpoint.

Kay Cassidy said...

Thank you so much for sharing The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest with your readers, Lesley! Cheers to you for everything you do to share ideas and resources with librarians and teachers. :-)