Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What To Read Next

Thanks to Miss M. I now have a new tool to add to the list for promoting reading in the library. It's called 22 Books and allows you to create annotated book lists on any theme of your choice. The site provides code for you to embed the lists in a blog or wiki. However, I have chosen to simply link to the lists to save space on my wiki page.

If you visit Miss M's blog you'll see some suggestions for using 22 Books with students.

Encyclopedia Britannica is once again offering free use to regular blog writers. They say, "you can share any Britannica article with your readers simply by linking to it from your site as you would any other Web page. Readers who click on the link will get the article in its entirety even if they're not Britannica subscribers." Sign up on their Registration Page and they'll get back to you to let you know if you've been approved.

Photo used under a creative commons license by Rachel Sian


Tara and Dale said...

leslie, have spent most of the evening creating lists on 22 books for my own book wiki for the library. thanks so much for passing on the site. love it! :)

Lesley Edwards said...

Tara and Dale, glad you found the link useful.
It's a handy tool indeed.