Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Week as a Learner

B.C. educators, do you know about KnowSchools? This learning environment is "dedicated to school educators to learn and share together online." Weekly sessions are offered on a variety of topics and facilitated by knowledgeable educators using Moodle. This week's moderator was the wonderful Sharon Betts (on Twitter).

In addition to learning about new tools, trends and practices in online environments it gives you the chance to build your own personal learning network (PLN). You'll experiment and learn with like-minded people as you discover great resources.
This service is free to B.C. educators, just sign up and you're in. You must register for each session individually.

I like the self-serve, use at your own pace presentation. At the conclusion of each week the session is left open for a period of weeks (although the moderator is no longer monitoring) so you can continue to experiment and learn. Give it a try!

Finds This Week:

Vocab Grabber is another great tool from Visual Thesaurus. Enter some text and watch as it separates out the vocabulary and shows it in a tag cloud or list. Definitions appear in a separate column.

Looking for ideas or motivation? Read some of the 100 Incredibly Inspiring Blog Posts for Educators on this list.

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