Saturday, October 3, 2009

ESL Resources from Twitter

Today's question comes from someone who has just introduced her principal to Twitter: "She is looking for info/articles about best practice in ESL instruction - any thoughts?"

So I sent out a tweet to my network asking for the names of ESL teachers to follow, besides @LarryFerlazzo whom I already knew about and follow.

These are the responses:

@mtechman directed me to TweepML for a list of ESL, TEFL and ESOL teachers on twitter. This list was compiled by @shellterrell.

@kristenswanson recommended @SeanBanville @Mtranslator and @daylemajor

@Larryferlazzo directed me to his Best Resources for Beginning to Learn What Twitter is All About which includes ESL teachers to follow.

Also check out wefollow and do a search for the tags esl, ell, languages.

So while I have not directly answered her question I hope that I have provided her with a way to access many great resources. By following some of these ESL focussed teachers on Twitter she can build a powerful PLN. She can read their tweets and ask questions when she wants to locate specific resources.

Some of them have links to their own blogs or sites from their twitter pages which she can have a look at and choose to add to an RSS feed if she finds them useful.

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