Friday, October 2, 2009

Ways to View Videos in the Classroom

This tweet caught my eye.

Unable to answer in a mere 140 characters I came up with the following:

- Show the video with no sound or with sound but no picture. Ask students to tell what they have understood and what questions they have. Show the video again with both sound and visuals and have them complete their summary.

- Show the video without sound and have students write the script or dialogue.

- Have students write down keywords from the video and compile them into a Wordle.

- Have students watch a video clip and then tell the story from another point of view. This could be done in a variety of subject areas.

- Have students watch a video and collect points that might support opposite sides of a debate on the subject.

- Have students write a review as if they were a reporter or critic.

- Play a Kim’s game. Students view a clip and then list as many items as they can.

- Have students compile timelines or a sequence of events.

- Have students create mnemonics.

What interesting, innovative ideas do you have for engaging students when you show videos in class?


Langwitches said...

Thank you for posting these great ideas about using a video in the classroom. I just worked with a 2nd great class learning about different communities. I wrote about it on my blog in more details.
Students watched 4 different segments of a video clip on Discovery Education. With the first video clip, they paused and started the video and summarized in a sentence a fact they had learned.
With the second segment, they paused the video again and took a screenshot, that symbolized what they wanted to remember about that community. They extracted "keywords" from the third segment. The last segment was the only one we watched without pausing (2 minutes long) and they had to remember important keywords which we collaboratively added to a list.

All in all it was a great lesson to show these students different ways and methods of extracting information from a video.

Lesley Edwards said...

Thanks for adding your ideas, Silvia! I agree that showing videos in short segments and asking students to record or respond in between keeps them engaged. Really like the screenshot idea. It's like taking a significant quote from a book.

David Truss said...

Hi Lesley,
What I love about this list is that it works for new and veteran teachers alike.
Thanks for contributing to my learning:-)

Ibu Horne said...

hi - great post! I have added a link to it from my wiki for yr12 Indonesian in western Australia - I hope you don't mind. Let me know if you would prefer it not to be there & I will remove it. another idea for you: watch a segment of video and then predict what will happen next, or what happened to lead up to this scenario. Or watch a segment and "guess" - how do the characters know each other? What shows you this? etc

Lesley Edwards said...

I don't mind at all Ibu, glad you found it useful and thanks for adding your suggestions. I would love to see your wiki.