Friday, February 5, 2010

A Great Elementary School Library Site

I'm turning the tables on this one and asking for your input. I'd like to know what you think makes for a great elementary school library website. I have a few ideas, things like:
- a welcome page with staff names, FAQs, contact information, hours
- great visuals showing the library as an active and evolving community
- a how-to page with instructions on writing a bibliography, creating a brochure etc.
- a youtube player with book trailers, author interviews
- a page showing how the librarian collaborates with teachers
- a library events showcase
- suggestions for great reads
- student feedback forms such as requests for new materials, questions.
- links to online databases, recommended sites for assignments, author sites, etc.

What else would you include? How would you showcase your library to your teachers and students and the world? What web2.0 tools would you use? I'm planning a future post on this subject so please leave your ideas or links to any great elementary school library websites you know of, even your own! Thanks!

Photo used under a Creative Commons license by PlayfulLibrarian


Mark Moran said...

At SweetSearch, we know how difficult it can be for school librarians to find the time to scour the Web for the best links to share with students. So we've created these two collections of Web Links, for elementary school teachers and students, that librarians can adapt to their own site, or link directly to. We plan to make these collections even more robust, based on educator feedback to us.

Jayce said...

I was so impressed with the International School of Caracas library's website that I wanted to move down there just to be a part.

Lesley Edwards said...

Thanks Jayce, that's a wonderful library site. Makes me nostalgic for my own days as an elementary school librarian.