Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where is it all Headed?

This week two videos came to my attention.  Video #1 was posted on the Committed Sardine blog by Lee Crockett who draws attention to the need for schools to teach information literacy skills, learning to deal with information.

Video #2 was shared in Google Reader by David Truss (@datruss) and is an impassioned plea from a young man who sees the need for a change in the way we define education and how it is delivered: An Open Letter to Educators.

I'll be passing both along to any educator who will listen.  This isn't new information, just another couple of timely pieces to help in the battle for change.  In my perfect world tech departments would be staffed by people whose job it would be to facilitate the needs of educators, to support good pedagogy.  Teachers would be able to demonstrate at any given time how they are using social media to engage, challenge and empower students.  Teachers would be able to demonstrate what they themselves are learning and how they are modeling/sharing that learning with their students.  Librarians would be revered for their ability to see the bigger picture and assist teachers and students in planning open-ended, critical thinking activities that enable students to acquire solid information literacy skills.  In my perfect world.

So where are we headed?  How long will it take?  What are we doing to support and advance the necessary changes to our current education system?

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