Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Busy

Posting here has slowed to a crawl.
I've been busy...

... playing with the new iPad.  Educators have begun posting a variety of opinions on using the iPad.  One blog I will be watching closely is Ed Tech Solutions.  The iPad appears to be a device with no age restrictions: Virginia's New iPad features a 100 year-old and A 2.5 year-old has a first encounter with an iPad.  I've been bookmarking other resources/opinions here.  There is a Diigo Group for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Users.  Subscribe to the feed for that group to get the latest.

... prepping for a presentation I'm giving in May to one of the local universities.  They have asked me to talk about today's student and what faculty can expect.  It's a golden opportunity for me to present on what I love best: social media and its applications in education.  I'll be uploading the presentation to slideshare when it's ready.

I feel that momentum is gathering.  A colleague told me last week that she feels she can no longer teach the way she done for the past 12 years.  Although she is the kind of teacher I'd want my own child to have she says she is noticing that students are becoming more and more disengaged.  It will be interesting to watch her transformation.  Thanks to the generosity of the network there is an abundance of inspiration and exemplars, support and advice available online.

(Image: Bee, a Creative Commons Attribution, ShareAlike image from _PaulS_'s photostream)

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