Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tip of the Week

A library can be likened to a living organism, it grows and changes.  I have been looking for an easy and economical way to label the library's shelves and recently sent out a request for suggestions to my local librarian's group.  Someone suggested I use magnetic sheets.

They are easy to use.  Simply create a document with the labels you need using a good clean font in at least size 24.  For mine I used Arial size 24 and was able to get 24 label headings on one sheet using two columns which works out to about 50 cents a strip.  The next step was to print out the sheet on an inkjet printer.  If you have a colour printer so much the better.  Use manual feed as the sheet is just a little too thick to go through the regular feed.  Then slice into strips using a paper cutter and apply to your shelves.  Note:  these have to be metal shelves!

The ones I purchased were white and came in a package of five however I see from doing a quick Internet search that there are coloured sheets available.  The beauty in using them is that they can be moved easily when you use shelves for displays or special collections that change.  Small pictures or clip art could be added.  Craft stores supply magnetic tape that can simply be written on with a felt pen.

So, thanks to Lillian at West Van Secondary for the wonderful solution!

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