Tuesday, June 26, 2007

23 Things

Today I officially start School Library Learning 2.0 and begin working my way through the 23 Things. Well, strictly speaking I have already played around with some of them such as flickr and starting this blog. So for the record I have completed:
Week 1 Thing 1
I read about the program and am excited about learning new ways to apply Web 2.0 tools to school uses.
Week 1 Thing 2
As an educator I comfortably use most of the 7 & 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners. Habit 1 - Begin with the end in mind - something I usually do but at times it's interesting to explore and see where things take you. Perhaps the one I have to remind myself of most is Habit 4 - Have confidence in yourself as a competent effective learner - this is difficult on days when taking the next step with technology is a little like learning to speak a foreign langauge on your own.

Week 2 - Thing 3 - Creating a blog was one task I had in hand! Setting up the blog was easy but I have found that a prior knowledge of a little HTML has been most helpful and lets me do some little extras like bolding words or adding a little colour. I plan to spend time compiling a list of really great educational blogs and blog use ideas. Part of this Thing was to create an avatar; see The Virtual Me. This was fun but not something I wanted to spend a lot of time on.

Week 2 - Thing 4 - Register your blog. As I am not a CSLA member I won't be registering my blog but hope to share what I learn with colleagues in my own school district, or you, if you've stumbled across this blog and decide to return to read further!

Week 3 - Thing 5 - Flickr - Now this was a great find. I have used it to share photos both professionally and with friends and family. It's a fast way to share photos and also a great way to store them online for future use. More to come!

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