Tuesday, June 5, 2007


As the year draws to a close I seem to be consumed with administrivia. I've unearthed my "June To Do" file and started my "September To Do" file. The walls are getting barer each day and I have begun the annual weeding and resorting of files. The computer files are always the last to be done and I truly despair of ever getting them into optimum shape. I still have 84 overdue books to track down and must finalize my periodical order for next year. The kids seem to read them less and less and so the collection shrinks each year which may just perpetuate the problem.
As the collection is being catalogued in preparation for automation in late June I won't be able to have my pick of the shelves for summer reading. This seems seriously unfair! I suppose the public library will benefit but I never seem to be able to return those books on time and loath the resulting fines.
I am looking forward to starting the librarian's 2.0 things and will track my progress here.

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