Thursday, September 27, 2007

Attribution Update

A more recent post in Flickr in the discussion on how to properly attribute creative commons photos offers the following advice:

First, look in the description of the photo to see if the photographer has mentioned anything there. Then look at the profile page for the photographer and see if anything is mentioned there.

If no mention of attribution, then it seems to be commonly accepted that the attribution would be a link back to the photo page on Flickr with a credit to the person's Flickr name.

And the people at Behold have been working to fix the problem of the changing CC status of some photos. Life is good.


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I am loving your blog! At our school - a high school in Hamilton, New Zealand we are currently trying to figure out ways to get students better using the library - I love the photo you posted of yours in use during lunchtime!

Anyway I just wanted to add to this post as I thought the question you were asking was really relevant. I don't have a solution but did you know about this great website that is full of beautiful copyright free images.
(stock exchange and the .hu is for Hungary)
This is where I source all of the background images I use in all presentations I do in the classroom.