Saturday, September 1, 2007

On the Eve of Instruction

With school opening on Tuesday I came to the sad realization that I will be losing the luxury of spending an hour each morning reading my RSS feeds and gleaning wonderful, insightful new ideas.
This morning one of those gems came from Carolyn Foote in her Not So Distant Future blog. She writes about Collaborative Research: Rethinking the Model and includes some practical ideas for encouraging student networking in school.
One of my hopes for this year is to get each of my staff reading at least one curriculum specific blog. I will be recommending Nick Senger's Teen Literacy Tips to the English teachers but am still on the lookout for similar blogs science, math, socials and French. Any ideas?

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Carolyn Foote said...

Glad my post was helpful!

A couple of math bloggers for you--

Darren had several math blogs going in his classroom the last couple of years.

And Dan Meyer's blog tracks the details of his math classroom as well.

Thanks again for sharing!