Thursday, September 13, 2007


Last night I spent some time reading back over my blog posts since I began this journey in March. It became clear that my focus has shifted over time. What I originally intended as a blog which students would read has become more of a resource for educators. I have used the blog to:

* showcase and think about new Web 2.0 applications
* ponder trends in technology and education
* write about projects I have been working on
* learn about myself and my teaching style
* pass on ideas
* keep a record of what I am reading
* house links I use often

I have progressed beyond wondering if anyone else would read this blog to installing a tracking application. I see that about 1/3 of people who view the blog return for another look.

I have been pleased and surprised when other blog writers quote me or refer to this blog.

It's been an interesting trip.


Shelley Hrdlitschka said...

Lesley, I was at Kidsbooks today and the saleslady (Diane?) was telling me about Susan Juby's new book. (The word cowboy was in the title but I've already forgotten what it was.) Then she made a comment..."I'll have to put a copy aside for Seycove and Southerland. They like the edgier titles."

Just a heads up. They are thinking of you!

Cathy Nelson said...

I began a blog last august too, and initially the intent was to pass on technology tips to my audience. It sort of morphed into what you have described here too. I began on blogger too, but moved over to Edublogs when my district began grumbling about blocking it. I think it keeps me sane and grounded too, so its serving purposes even beyond how you describe yours. I enjoy reading yours too. (I'm a new reader, having been introduced to your blog from a mention on another blog I read--tho I can't remember who now...) Kepp up the good work.