Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Online Learning Network

This year, most of my professional development and learning has occured online. It's easy to fit a few minutes throughout the day to check Google Reader or listen to a podcast. Sites like CommonCraft, TeacherTube and YouTube have wonderful tutorials that I can turn to when I get stuck implementing something new.

I also enjoy sites where I can ask a question or join in a discussion such as the Teacher-Librarian's Facebook Group I belong to.

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Jeri Hurd said...

LOL--"Easy" to fit in Google Reader?! Are you nuts!!? (grin) I haven't had the time to check it(or maybe I should say, haven't made the time to check it) in MONTHS. I'm afraid to look now, as I'm sure it's overloaded!

However, you're right about it being a key component of my online PD last summer, and I need to a) winnow the blogs down to a choice few and b) be religious about keeping up with those.

A good reminder!