Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm One

I feel like a guilty spouse. The one-year anniversary of this blog on Mar. 12 passed my notice. It started out as an experiment to find out more about the potential of blogs and the collaborative web. I began trying out CSLA's 23 Things but once I had set up some RSS feeds and began reading blogs on a daily basis I had more than enough ideas to pique my interest and ignite my personal learning quest. From 2.what? my knowledge and skills have grown to the point that I have incorporated these tools into my practice and teach them to my students, and any one else who will listen.
Judging from reader comments, or rather the lack there of, I don't have a following. But that's more than OK, no pressure to produce. I have a place to reflect which also acts as a repository for my ideas.
Tools I use every day and would not want to live without: - I use this every day. I set up link lists for staff who bring their classes into the library to do research. I use it in the workshops I give to keep the links I refer to current. I have subscribed to other's accounts and appreciate the wonderful resources they share.
Google Docs and Google Notebook - I use these to collaborate with colleagues, develop lesson ideas, and promote them with my students.
iGoogle - This is my start page with gadgets for Google Reader, Docs, Notebook and blog search. I love the stickies box, the calendar and groups.
Google Reader - where all the best ideas come from.
Jing and Skitch - what fabulous time-savers!
Flickr, Behold - for access to images with creative commons licencing.
Zamzar - for file conversion. This has saved the day on many occasions.
Wikispaces - This has become one of my faves. I use it in workshops and tell teachers that it is the workshop that keeps on giving as they will have access to the pages (and my account) for a long time to come. I think I may be missing some as they have become so ingrained that they have slipped below the level on conscious use. I'm becoming more proficient with VoiceThread, Animoto (love the recent bonus for educators!) and Comic Life.
It has been a wonderfully exciting year. I have loved listening in to WOW2.0's weekly meeting, reading the blogs of educators around the world. On days when turning on the news can bring tears to my eyes I love the optimism expressed by these educators, their wonderful ideas, generosity and dedication.
Thanks all, it's been a slice!


Cathy Nelson said...

ere I am (waving hand excitedly). I am a reader, and you reside in my Bloglines folder for LMS Blogs. Thanks for keeping me aware of what is going on, what tools you like, and expanding my knowledge with new content. (I am sorry for not commenting more often!) (Confession, I just don't like the Blogger interface, bi in blogging it'd not about the tool, but rather the conversation.)

Bookminder said...

Thanks for chiming in Cathy! No worries about the lack of comments. We are all multi-taskers. Love reading your blog too!

Haze said...

Happy Birthday!!!
You are a constant source of inspiration - virtually and f2f!!!