Sunday, April 27, 2008

Waldo? You there?

Keeping track of things in an online world is for me, a daunting task. I know there's tagging and bookmarking and other great tools. But which do I use?
When I read a great post in my Google reader do I give it a star? Do I save it in Diigo or Do I save it in my Google Notebook? Or do I do all of these things?
If I tag it what perfect words can I conjure up? This is particularly worrisome to my librarian's brain. My colleague teases me because my account has a very, very long list of unbundled tags. I counter by telling her that I keep it that way in order to show people how to bundle tags during the workshops I give. AND, I find it hard to remember to assign tags in applications like Blogger.
I feel as if my credibility is slipping. I'm a librarian after all, the very person who makes a living knowing where to find things.

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Leslie said...

Everytime I visit here, I learn something valuable!!!!

Thanks, you are the best!