Friday, May 16, 2008 for book orders

I have started using as a way to save the titles of books I want to purchase. When I come across titles in a blog or wiki I can click on the link if one is provided or look the title up on a bookstore website. I save them in with the tag 'bookorder' and when I'm ready to put an order together I can go to my account and browse through the collected links. As I order I can delete the title links from This lets me save books to my wish list anytime anywhere - no more scribbled notes.

I can also share this list with staff or librarians in other schools. I may in future further categorize by using subject specific tags such 'bookorder_english'. If it catches on perhaps staff will also save book links for me in using a set of pre-arranged tags.

Image thanks to Laughing Squid:


Jeri Hurd said...

Hey, Leslie--

Now that's interesting. I've been keeping a running list on Amazon (MUCH easier than digging around the jobber sites!), but I hadn't thought of doing delicious or Furl. Of course, maybe that's because our school blocks them....

Lesley Edwards said...

Jeri, that must be so very frustrating. Have you introduced the rest of your staff to the wonders of online bookmarking? Hard to do when you can't access at school but maybe using screen shots? You might get a movement going in favor of unblocking!