Thursday, May 15, 2008

I posted a link to the Art of Manliness blog which has a list of The 100 Must Read Books for Men. The guys on my staff have given some very positive feedback on the list. Hopefully it will also introduce a few of the newbies to the world of blogs.

What I really wanted to write a post about was Blogs in the Comics but as I was only able to find two I'll just add them here for your enjoyment:

Fisher: the Strips

Pearls Before Swine

I'm excited about a new course being offered next year to the Grade 9 students. It's called Design 9 and will cover much of the software used in school. Every Gr. 9 student will take the course as part of their Planning 9 rotation. I'm going to push for the inclusion of Web2.0 applications.

ASCD has published an article in Educational Leadership which our principal had all staff read this week. It's called Turning on the Lights by Marc Prensky. In it he discusses the "boredom crisis" and how kids are "powering down" in schools and offers four possible remedies. It's a positive step to see admin. taking an active role in promoting change.

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