Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spring Diversions

Not much blogging going on of late. Spring has finally arrived and the pressures of year end at school are mounting.

In her blog, The Innovative Educator, Lisa Nielsen talks about how her employers have mandated that no employee can have their blog url in their email signature. This makes no sense to me. I think of the countless hours of ProD. I have accumulated by reading and writing blogs, all at no monetary expense to my school system but to the system's considerable benefit. I just have to shake my head. Then I say a quick thank you to be working in a (so far) very accepting and liberal system. No blocking or mandating here. I do feel frustrated by the fact that many of my colleagues don't know how good they have it because they aren't trying any of the fantastic options that exist beyond the doors of their classrooms.

Lisa's suggestion to include blog urls in email signatures makes a lot of sense. It's one more way to introduce people to the 21st century digital world. I would extend that idea to adding your wiki, social bookmarking or other urls to email signatures.

Now, back to my distractions. There's a visitor in the backyard. Thank heavens for zoom lenses!

Striped Skunk

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The Webfooted Booklady


Sabrecybrarian said...

Great Idea! You and I had exchanged emails earlier today and I noticed the signature additions - fabulous idea I immediately thought. Then I got around to reading your blog to find out the Communities of Practice theory I so strongly believe in, that so richly describes educators and teacher librarians, is alive and well. Thank you giving me an update example to use in the Web 2.0 and communities of practice workshop I gave today.

Bookminder said...

My pleasure. Hope your workshop went well.

The Innovative Educator said...

Hi Lesley,

Thank you for bringing attention to this matter. It has been great to hear from and connect with other educators around the globe. I honestly didn't realize I worked in such a controlled system until this happened. I'm meeting with an educator I met through Classroom 2.0 this week who shared with me that he was mandated to shut down his blog about personal learning networks and professional learning communities. I'm curious to learn why!

I invite you to check out my blog to see the work around I've come up with to address this issue in my May 10th post called, "The Creative Workaround and A Googley Idea for Professional Email Signatures."

Creatively Yours,
Lisa Nielsen
The Innovative Educator

Lesley Edwards said...

Thanks for the great ideas, Lisa. As a beginner blogger I protected my privacy by using a screen name. Now I feel much more confident!