Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blogging in the School Library World

This list caught my eye this morning and started me thinking about my own favorites.
100 Best Blogs for Library Science Students

Some of my favorites:
TLC= Tech + Library + Classroom This is an elementary school library blog but there are many fabulous ideas that are easily transferable to secondary libraries.
Joyce Valenza's NeverEndingSearch
School Library Monthly
The T/L Weekly Special Report by Vancouver School District's T/L Consultant, Moira Ekdahl. This blog is brimful of current activities and links to great resources.
Dear Librarian author Ann Krembs works as an International School librarian. She is currently moving from India to China and hopefully will resume blogging once she and her family are installed in Beijing.
Eternal Learning of the Open Mind from a middle school librarian who integrates web 2.0 tools to promote libraries and learning.

Some of these blogs have gone quiet during the summer but I'm hoping will spring back to life when school resumes. Check the sidebar for a full list of library blogs I subscribe to.

I have also added a feed from my reader that features blog posts from a variety of authors that I think are worth sharing. It's in the sidebar too.

For those of you who have your own blog or are thinking about starting one here are 100 Terrific Tips and Tools for Blogging Librarians.


Pamela Carrasco said...

I am a journalist from Chile and I'm writing about using Twitter at schools. Do you have an e-mail where you can write?

Lesley Edwards said...

Hi Pamela, I can be reached at bookminder@gmail.com.

Dear Librarian said...

I'm just so very proud to have made the Bookminder's list. Thank you! And, after a wonderful summer and a smooth move to Beijing, I am back to blogging.
;D Ann Krembs
the Dear Librarian

Tara said...

wow--feeling great as well to have made the list. lesley, i credit you for getting me back on twitter. i had ditched it a while back but then kept reading your gentle proddings about how great it is on your blog. now that i have found my library niche on it, i love it. thanks for all the sharing you do.