Monday, August 24, 2009

Exploring the many fabulous features of posterous

A friend put me on to today.  It's a ridiculously simple way to get content online fast.  First, I can post anything by sending an email to posterous with text, pictures, video, or files.  The 'sharing' picture is from flickr using a cc licence from ryancr.
Or let's say I see something on flickr or youtube or slideshare that I want to share with others.  I simply hit the bookmarklet in my toolbar and it automatically saves it to posterous for me.
Cool beans!
This is the tool for all those people who don't have the time, skill or courage to start their own blog or wiki.  They can simply email posterous.  I will definitely be showing my staff how easy it is to post class notes or homework assignments.

Posted via email from Lesley's posterous

Everything above the line was created in a email I sent to Not sure why the picture posted twice so I guess I have a glitch or two to work out. Otherwise it could not have been simpler. This is a tool I see myself using often.
Oh! Now I get it. The picture posted twice because I included the URL from flickr as part of my image credit. It used the URL to upload the photo itself. To see the photo source simply click on the image.

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