Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Musings

As I write I'm listening to the December playlist on readergirlz.  I love the concept of choosing songs to suit a particular novel or character and it's an idea that at least on of my English teachers has tried with great success as kids love it too.

My morning dose of humour came from Jeffrey Hill who writes The English blog where he has imbedded the Copenhagen According to Dr. Seuss clip along with the lyrics.  His other entertaining offering comes from Abe Books who have opened a Weird Books Room.  Worth a browse if you are buying for someone with eccentric tastes or just want to amuse yourself for a few minutes.  He finds the best stuff!

@deangroom tweeted about a photo contest happening in Sydney just now.  The idea of giving kids open concepts to work with could be adapted in other ways.  Some time ago I posted some words in an area of the library where I put books I hope boys will read.  The words would hopefully draw them in:

Face Off
On the Street
Blood & Guts
On the Edge
Over the Top

A few days ago I had one of those kids who has never been a reader, has no idea what he likes and is really hard to match up with a book.  As I floundered about questioning him the words on the wall caught my eye and I asked him which ones appealed.  When he picked 'on the edge' I knew exactly which books to show him.

Time to dive back into my own pile of books.  I am almost finished with Loving Frank, and yes, I am loving it.  I've only put it down long enough to look for images of Frank Lloyd Wright's houses and to replenish the chocolate supply.  On to Marillier next!  I'd love to hear what book gems you've discovered over the winter break, or summer break or whatever season it is in your part of the world.


Bryan said...

I'd like to hear more about the Frank Lloyd Wright book as I'm an admirer of his work.

Your mention of him reminds me of this Lego set I saw at the Lego Store in Bellevue, WA:

I haven't played with Lego in years, but this set is something I wouldn't mind seeing under my tree this year!

Lesley Edwards said...

Loved the book! It made me think, made me run, searching on Google. The author treats her characters like dear friends, flawed, but dear. It had a gripping ending which I wasn't expecting.