Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's List Time Again

At the local children's bookstore I have developed a bit of a reputation as the one who likes those edgy reads for kids.  One of my 'go to' people for great teen book recommendations is Jen who writes Reading Rants: Out of the Ordinary Teen Book Lists!  Need to fill out your Reality Bites or Slacker Fiction shelves?  This is the place to go.
Jen comes up with Yearly Top Ten Lists as well as maintaining a Jen's Top Ten Books of ALL TIME list. This year's list with reviews can be found here.

Readers over at goodreads have put together a list of Best Books published in 2009.  Seems to have been a great year!   The list is re-scored every 500 seconds so it's about as up-to-date as you can get changing as new readers add their votes.  In Shelfari you can look at their Highest-Rated Books of All Time or the highest rated this week or this month.

And of course there's YALSA's 2009 Teen's Top Ten  A quick Google search will bring up any number of other 2009 booklists.  One of my fave activities at school is to have the English teachers ask their classes to recommend books.  I collect the lists, collate them and then put up displays in the library.  Some of the past themes have included:

  • Don't leave high school without having read ...
  • Gr. 10's best books this year.
  • Pageturners 
  • The Book I Most Want for Christmas
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