Monday, March 31, 2008

Diigo here, diigo there

3D Dig Diigo Diagram


It seems the blogging community is going head over heels for diigo.   Miguel Guhlin is bringing some interesting comments to the diigo conversation.  There is so much here to learn. 

I'm finding that features work differently on different computers which is confusing.  I am also noting some glitches: yesterday I could blog post from diigo with no problem. Today, with this post, the URL for Miguel's page did transfer over and I had to enter it as an edit on this page.

The 'turning a list into a slideshow with an audio track' feature has some wonderful possibilities.  The rest of my job may just have to be on hold while I play!

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Miguel said...

It's all about learning together! Diigo has fixed a few problems; I detail the solution here:

Take care,