Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I had the pleasure of presenting at the North Central Zone Conference in Prince George this past week. Somehow they managed to hide most of the two feet of snow that had fallen on Monday and we had two lovely sunny days. My big thrill for the trip was seeing a moose on my early morning walk. I've not seen one quite so close before. They are huge! Luckily she was more interested in her breakfast than in me.

I'm always impressed at how teachers in remote communities are bringing the world to their classrooms and vise versa. Some were using blogs, wikis and VoiceThread. I encouraged them to be mentors for their peers. Our workshop was on digital photography and using Comic Life or a draw program for storytelling and a brief introduction to some web2.0 apps.

How do you use digital storytelling? Do you or your students:
- present problems and ask for solutions in the feedback?
- present an issue or cause to increase awareness or elicit support?
- showcase events?
- compile a scrapbook of ideas?
- encourage brainstorming around a theme?

Please add a comment and share you ideas!

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