Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Information Technology Implementation Plan

Dragging teachers into the 21st Century:

STEP 1 Read RSS feeds, listen to streamed presentations from master educators. Make sample projects using neat new web2.0 apps. Get all fired up!

STEP 2 Visit the staffroom at lunch hour and present ideas. Wax prosaic on benefits of various web2.0 applications. Promise great lashings of help all round.

STEP 3 Return to library and email enticing links that showcase applications and working examples to interested staff.

STEP 4 Follow up with staff who show even a nansecond of interest. Beg, cajole, and plead with them to do a project with their students.

STEP 5 (Sound of needle scratching across record surface. Time for a reality check.) Go back to working with students in the library. Show them the neat things I have learned in the hopes that they will love and use them. This has worked for things like Google Docs and Hope students will cross-pollinate these ideas back their teachers.

Bringing staff into the 21st Century can at times be a disheartening experience. When I pause and look back to where we were five years ago I can see that progress has been made. I know, I'll show them "A Vision of K-12 Students Today".

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