Saturday, March 29, 2008

Progress Check

This past week has brought many useful tips and tricks to my desktop. The number one WOW of the week comes from someone who blogged about how they use Google Notebook to flag things of interest in other blogs. I have searched back through my feed to see if I can find that post but no luck. If I had been using Google Notebook to mark the post I would have it at my finger tips. Who ever you are, thank you!
And thanks to the following, who also helped me learn a little more about the wonderful world of web2.0:

Kristin Hokanson in her Connected Classroom blog wrote about DIG-ing diigo the social bookmarking tool. I have had diigo sitting on my toolbar for a while but haven't used it until today. I have been an enthusiastic user of and until now was loathe to switch to something new. I refer people attending the workshops I give to my account. Diigo offers a great solution. It lets you bookmark sites simultaneously in Now I can try out diigo and still keep up my account with no extra trouble.

Sue Waters in The Edublogger for expanding my knowledge of how to use RSS feeds effectively.

Judy O'Connell on her blog Hey Jude for eloquently reminding me that in order to teach others to use the tools, teacher librarians need to be using them in their own daily practice.


Judy O'Connell said...

This is a great post - 'cause I love the way you have pulled together a few key ideas as well as helped to rally all good teacher librarians to be active in social networking. A few reminders in there for me as well, and you alerted me to the ability to use Diigo and Delicious together!! Brilliant! Thanks so much for linking to my post and sharing your ideas.

Sue Waters said...

Okay I think the tip for using Google Notebooks was from Jenny Luca however people have been really excited about diigo suggesting it may be the better option.

I'm glad my two posts on RSS has helped you and thanks for linking to the Edublogger.