Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All the news ...

How do you like your news? Do you read your copy of The Globe and Mail or the local tab newspaper as you transit to work?

Or do you like viewing your news online using an archived broadcast like the ones on the Global TV site? Or do you download your news as a podcast?

Here’s a sampling of some of the varied ways you can have your news served up online:

Google News Alerts
Bring the news to you by asking Google News to send you an email alert for any topic you choose.

The Week in Rap
condenses the weeks news into a rap presentation. The lyrics are printed on the site with links to specific stories embedded.

uses Google News to visualize the daily news and arrange stories by popularity. The more items written about any story the more prominent it becomes. News can also be viewed by country which makes for interesting comparisons.

lets you create typographic maps of current news stories.


features a spinning globe that features news articles as popouts with audio and links to more in depth articles.

presents the news in timeline format.

Larry Ferlazzo has created a list of The Best Visually Engaging News Sites

I have my own list of interesting news sources saved in delicious.

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