Friday, October 17, 2008

Playing with my iPod

I clearly remember the looks of envy I got as I walked through the school hallways carrying my, then new, turquoise blue clamshell iBook. I felt so cutting edge. Now I’m getting a similar response to my iPod Touch. This time it’s the kids giving me that So-You’re-Finally-With-It look.

I thought at first that my aging eyes would have a problem but that is definitely not the case. It’s wonderfully easy to use and I’ve had fun browsing through all the free apps in the iTunes store. Crazy Pumpkin will be just right for Halloween.

The whole purpose of acquiring the iPod has been to take part in a small focus group studying ways to use iPod Touch with students. We can see lots of potential for students using them on fieldtrips by downloading guides, questions etc. before they go; by taking notes or looking up information during; by tweeting about interesting things they notice along the way.

The Mobile Learner, a blog worth subscribing to, makes a case for using the iPod to save on the cost of photocopying.

So this is too cool. I started this post at work and am now finishing it at home on my iPod. First mobile post ever! Woot!

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