Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finds of the Week

I loved the energy in Chris Lehmann’s presentation at IgnitePhilly. His passion for technology is inspirational and I wish he were working in my district.

Someone watching the video posted a question about not being able to see an image posted on the screen behind Chris as he was talking. If you look in the Slideshare below the video you can see the image there.

I’ve been exploring collaborative whiteboard apps. and previously wrote about Dabbleboard.
Today I looked at Scribblar and Twiddla. Twiddla was fun as I played with other guests in the sandbox as we tried out features. I was able to ask a question and have it answered on the spot by a guest who drew in a trail of arrows directing me to the tab I wanted. Very cool. Bringing in images, documents, email and even mathematical formulas is a snap. For teachers without whiteboards in their classes this could be a valuable tool. You can see my scratchings in the image above using Dabbleboard. The perfect oval for the head was done automatically by Dabbleboard, the rest is freehand. For my purposes I liked Dabbleboard and Twiddla best although they all have slightly different features which are useful.

Just watched part of Kristin Hokanson’s presentation to business educators. She does an amazing job and backs up her work with a wiki, The Connected Classroom. I learned about using Cover It Live which provides online chat for participants. I've used Chatzy in the past but you are limited in the amount of text you can record for free. Cover It Live is free.

Twitter at last!

I’ve finally taken the plunge and am Twittering. Don’t know what took me so long. I guess it was just one more thing. It was very easy to become involved and I have learned some interesting things already. I started out with a couple of colleagues as my twitter friends but have expanded to include 24 people to follow. On Twitter I am bookminder.

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