Friday, January 9, 2009

iPod Experiment Class Two

Today we introduced the second French class to the iPod Touches but this time we had them using Edmodo. On balance we have find Edmodo easier to use than Twitter, no Fail Whale!
We had the students sign up for their accounts using the iBooks and then moved them to the iPods when we wanted to have them start sending messages.

We tried twtpoll with mixed success. It only took the first response entered. I think this may have been because all the responses were coming from the same IP address. I'm wondering if this is something twtpoll will be able to address as it would be a very useful tool for class use.

As a work-around we've asked the class to enter their responses from home tonight.
We asked them to post their suggestions/comments for using these tools and this is a sampling of their responses:

- Take notes use for research communicate translate send homework to teacher more fun than paper and pen
- good for researching and stuff like that without having to go to the library/comp lab on our REALLY SLOW computers.
- We can save it onto our ipod to remember
- We could talk to other French class. Or other french speaking people
- You can check on homework..
- Yes this is beautiful once it works
-it's fun, we should use them all the time

Some did express frustration with the small keyboard but they'll get used to that.

We just had a tweet back from twtpoll and they have said that they can add an option to allow more than one response per IP address. Sweet! I love how fast things move in web2.0 and how responsive companies are to the needs of educators.


Jeff O'Hara said...

We are working on a mobile version specific for the iPod touch & iPhone. Not sure when it will be ready though.


MrsE said...

That's great news, Jeff. Bryan Hughes has been keeping me up to date with your dialogue. Edmodo has been fantastic with supporting us and responding to our needs. Thanks!