Thursday, January 15, 2009

Twitter: a brief beginner’s guide

So you’ve joined the Twitter conversation and are looking for some interesting people to follow. Here are a few sources to get you started.

Liz B. Davis' Educators on Twitter spreadsheet. To add your name go to Liz's blog The Power of Educational Technology



Directory of Learning Professionals on Twitter

Just Tweet It

Other ways to build your network:
- When you follow someone you like check to see who they follow
- follow Mr. Tweet. This service will send you a list of people they recommend you follow. Their recommendations are great.

Network Weaving has some other useful suggestions.

What can you do with your Twitter account?
- ask questions
- use a poll
- tell about something that has caught your attention
- answer someone else’s question
- post a useful link telling what people will find there

Please leave a comment if you have other suggestions. Thanks!


Janice Robertson said...

Your reach should always exceed your grasp.

One of the great things about blogs is that you can always find someone who is just beyond where you are, so you can propel yourself into that "zone of proximal development". Now that I've found your site, it will take me a while to read through your posts, so I started at some older ones. I completely agree with "Somehow it’s more frustrating to have to learn how do something a second time than it is the first." Sometimes I'll learn something, but then if I don't practice it, and put it into place right away, I have to relearn it or at least do some serious refreshing and it is SO frustrating. I envy those who are playing with the technology constantly, so the idea of forgetting how to use the tools is completely foreign to them. Our school is still at the "don't bring technology to school because it could get stolen" stage, so it was with awe that I read about your ipod touch classes! It sounds pretty exciting (and inspiring!) Thanks.

MrsE said...

Thanks for commenting Janice! On the first day of the Twitter/iPod experiment I had a bin with the 14 iPod Touches sitting on my desk. One of the senior boys came by and said, with a look of great concern on his face, "Mrs. E. did you steal those?"

I think this experiment has not only engaged the kids but let them know that their teachers are not all out of touch dinosaurs. (no pun intended)