Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Challenge Ahead - Week 3 - Thing 7

It's been exhilerating discovering neat 2.0 toys. If you've been following this blog you'll have noticed that I got seriously side-tracked as I set up RSS feeds and began reading all the wonderful things that various people have posted. Playing with MindMeister brought home the need for me to organize my thoughts and decide what and how I will present ideas to staff in September. Last year I tried to interest them in trying out a blog but there were no takers. I settled for offering a workshop on how to use Inspiration. This year I will have a much clearer understanding of how 2.0 tools can be used and can provide some good examples to draw staff in. And I'll work with kids in the library showing them how to enhance their research, sharing and information gathering by using some great tools. Then teachers will have some student experts in their classes to make the journey easier.


Omar said...

Here is another really good collaborative web-based mind mapping tool that might be worth looking at

Jeri Hurd said...

Hi Lesley--

I think--hope! our own enthusiasm as we use these tools will be contagious, though, to be honest, I haven't seen much evidence of that. I tried for two years to get coworkers to use, to no avail. But then I was just the English Dept. Head. I'm hoping being a tech coordinator will give me a bit more credibility!

Anyway, also consider yourself tagged for the 8 random facts meme! (grin)