Thursday, February 14, 2008

Friday Findings for Feb. 22

More from Larry Ferlazzo: Best Ways to Create Online Content Part 2, Part 3. and Part 4.

A new and interesting source of online ProD comes from the BCEd Online Community. You can join in a live session or listen to an archived one. It's easy to sign up for an account at BCedonline. I moderated my first session last week on using with help from Audrey and Hazel. It was a very humbling experience all told! Hazel will present a session on Google Docs on March 12. The live sessions take place at 3:30.

Last week's presentation on literacy with Linda O'Reilly proved useful. She showed us these titles which I would recommend for high school libraries. The first three are available online through Indigo and the 4th can be ordered from the OLA Bookstore (866-873-9867)

Fires in the Bathroom by Cushman
Going With the Flow by Smith & Wilhelm
Teenage Boys and High School English by Pirie
Instructional Strategies for Teaching Content Vocabulary by Harmon

Judy O'Connell has a useful annotated list of web2.0 tools to use with students on her Heyjude blog. I would add Google Docs and Google Notebook to that list. The students here are loving them.

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Judy O'Connell said...

Thanks for the feedback. You know I was considering adding Google docs, though we don't use them at school, I do! and know how useful google tools are too. I was trying not to make the list too long, so as not to frighten our teachers...but that's no reason not to add just a few more tools :-)