Saturday, February 2, 2008

Seeing through a Creative Lens

This photo made me think about how much the creative energy of my students inspires me. I hope that changes in technology will bring more opportunities to value original and creative thinking in schools. Enough of the "sit, git, spit" style already. I heard an adminstrator speaking to a group of tech mentors this week and was heartened to hear him say that if educators don't change with the times, soon, there will be serious consequences for students entering the work force. He also said that it's not good enough to wait for the "younger generation" to take over teaching positions currently held by aging staff members.
It's not your age which defines how you teach and learn. As teachers we all need to start looking for ways to change and adapt our practice. There are so very many opportunities now for students to become self-directed learners and producers of information. How we help them to acquire new skills will impact on their effectiveness in our rapidly changing world. Let's loosen the reins a little, give them sound guidelines and be amazed at what they can accomplish!
To read more about the skills we should value read Doug Johnson's blog post Life long abilities, behaviors and attitudes.

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