Thursday, February 21, 2008

Read. Wonder.

Celebrate your freedom to read this week. Read a banned book. Visit the Online Books Page for a list of banned books and other resources.

March 8 in International Women's Day. The UN site has some good resources.

I got to play with the too cool for words iPhone on the weekend. I had to give it back. I am currently a pleasant shade of green.

Zunal is a webquest site which provides a template for creating your own or lets you browse through hundreds online in the archive. Here's one example for Gr. 9 socials on WWI. You can browse or search by keyword.

"Toward a Definition of 21st-Century Literacies" adopted by the NCTE Executive Committee this past week is well worth the read.

Be sure to check out Moira Ekdahl's TL blog published every Friday. In her current posting she talks about Social Bookmarking sites and Freedom to Read Week. Check out the account she has started for TLs at

Find of the Week: An Archive of WW2 Memories: written by the public, gathered by the BBC. I have been compiling a list of writings by people who have experienced life in a war situation. This list can be found in

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