Monday, February 11, 2008

Friday Findings

Friday Findings Published Wednesday due to Circumstances Beyond My Control. LOL

Technology Update:
Kickin' and Screaming is a blog post which looks at various opinions around why some teachers are resistant to adopting technology. Great food for thought.

Pixton is a comic strip generator to explore.

Larry Ferlazzo has posted some good, free web2.0 sites Create Online Content Easily, Quickly and Painlessly. His suggestions are always pertinent and reliable. One of my faves: The Historic Tale Construction Kit. Too much fun and perfect for Gr. 8 socials!

I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of Alan November's "Empowering Students with Technology" book this week. Check out his website for some great resources.

Need a quick tutorial to help explain a web2.0 tool? Check out The CommonCraft Show. They have dynamite videos on blogs, social bookmarking, Google Docs and much more. Here's a sample:

180 Technology Tips provides links to online tutorials that are short (under 5 minutes) and have ideas for educational uses. Scroll towards the bottom to see the list or sign up to receive A-Tip-A-Day in your email.

GoogleFight Use this page to compare the effectiveness of different search terms.

Plagiarism Issues
Microsoft released a new survey today Teens Less Likely to Download Illegally When They Know the Laws. There's still a lot of work to do to ensure our students are ethically literate.

The new Curriculum 2.0 wiki has some useful resources around information literacy for 21st century learners.

And this little beauty from Weird Al Don't Download This Song


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