Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blog Club

Time constraints are often the chief factor in hindering the uptake of new tools and technologies.  This may be especially true when it comes to encouraging people to read a variety of blogs.  We all read blog posts but perhaps only a few really resonate with us.  I've been tossing around the idea of a blog club. Club members could be in the same school, district or any other geographical configuration.  Here's how it might work:

Each person agrees to read a given number of blogs each week.  Start small with 1 - 5. When they come across a gem they could share it with the rest of the group.  Sharing options could include anything from email to Google Docs, Twitter and Posterous but a simple way would be to use the reader share function in Google Reader.  Other feed aggregators may have something similar.

Here's a sample that was shared in my reader.  Notice the options to star, share, share with a note, email, and add tags.  These options appear at the bottom of all reader items.  Tagging is a quick way to let the others know what the post is about.

Google Reader (48)
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Another option is to share using a bookmarklet placed in your browser's bookmark toolbar.  The Official Google Reader Blog explains how to do that here.  This is handy when you are browsing outside your reader and come across a great article.

The Reading List - Home
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I talked about using Twitter and Posterous in a previous post.  It may be helpful to use a group hashtag if you're using Twitter to make the posts easier to find.   With Posterous you simply email the URL for any page to your Posterous account.  Setting up a group account is easy.  All members would then email using post@[the name of your posterous page] Here's the example from our group page.

This way of sharing the load gives participants a taste of many blogs without the burden of handling a large number of feeds in a reader.


liberrylady said...

This sounds a little like what the "livin' a dream" group used to do. I remember how we all joined different lists and then shared what we thought might be of interest to the rest of the group. Perhaps it's time to revisit this. I'd be interested. Thanks for bringing it up!

MrsE said...

Yes, this would be a perfect project for the Livin' a Dream group. Must be time for another meeting.